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Clean Your Washing Machine With Dishwashing Tablets?

I often see "cleaning hacks" on Facebook that turn out to be complete nonsense like the whole cleaning your oven with bicarb deal.

I saw one the other day in a group and gave the standard eyeroll. Then I saw it again on news.com.au and I thought I would give it a shot - slap me in the face and call me Irene but it actually worked.

The orignal post was in a group called "Mums Who Clean" (I am in come odd cleaning groups) and she went on to explain how she cleaned her washing machine with 4 dishwashing tablets. she included photos of the black water.

Curiosity got the better of me and I loaded up my washing machine with 4 Finish dishwasher tablets, set the machine to the hottest cycle and pressed start. I came back 25 minutes later and the water was as black as night. I honestly couldn’t believe it.

I guess the jury is still out on exactly how effective it is and admittedly I did have to clean the filter holder in the agitator as that didn’t come back clean but if the black water is anything to go by. It worked well.

If you try it post some photos to our Facebook page.

Step 1 - Open washing machine

Step 2 - Drop up to 4 dishwashing tablets in the machine (brand doesnt matter)

Step 3 - Set to hottest cycle

Step 4 - Press start


Disclaimer; This may or may not be recommended by your washing machine manufacturer. Research is recommended before cleaning your washing machine using this method.