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"My Cleaner Can Do It For $30"

Updated: Sep 13, 2019

We sometimes hear these words come from some of our potential customers when they are enquiring about our Eco-Friendly oven cleaning service. Many households in Australia now employ domestic cleaners to take care of many aspects of their house cleaning duties. This is partly due to the population living busier lives. Most of us just dont have time between work, school, kids and other social commitments to take the time to clean our homes and some of us just dont want to do it.

We sometimes get the remark "my cleaner can do it for $30" so im going to explain the difference.

When your cleaner offers to clean your oven for $30 this would generally be completed using a caustic cleaning chemical, something like Easy Off Oven Cleaner $2.80 frrom Woolworths, bargin right? The can would be sprayed in your oven, left for 5-10 minutes and wiped out. Would your oven be clean? Hell no.

It's impossible to remove 100% of the caustic chemical, there would be residual chemical left in the knooks and crannies of the oven, on the roofs and most often behind the backplate on the fan, every time you cook in your oven, you are mixing caustic with your food - yum. Just check out the safety precautions on the back of a can if you dont believe me.

Now this isnt your cleaners fault. We believe cleaners are a godsend. The fact is that its a caustic chemical. You are still going to have black marks in the oven, your racks and trays wont glisten in the light, the door glass might be hazed from the chemical.

People who often tell us that they will just get the cleaner to do it often call back and say "is there a discount if its half clean?"

Hiring a professional oven cleaner is hiring someone that cleans ovens all day every day. We come equipped with multiple eco-friendly cleaning solutions, scrapers, brushes, clean cloths and a specialised water heating system that heats every removable part of your oven in an eco-friendly water solution which will strip the grease and grime.

We know how to dismantle your oven, we know how to take the door off, take it apart and better yet, we also know how to put it back together. We are able to get the grease and grime inbetween the glass pannels of the door. We will usually spend 1.5 hours sitting infront of your oven cleaning it. Then 1 more hour cleaning the door and racks.

After all of this your oven usually looks near new. Hiring a professional oven cleaner means you wont have caustic chemicals in your oven, you wont have to wait 24-48 hours to use your oven and we can guarantee that you will be happy with the results.

You dont even have to hire us to clean your oven, you might not like the cut of our jib - thats cool, however, you should always hire a professional oven cleaner to clean your oven. Its the cleanest and safest way to get the job done.